6 foods that will quench your thirst
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6 foods that will quench your thirst


6 foods that will quench your thirst

In addition to consuming water to replace the water lost due to sweating, especially in summer, you can take advantage of vegetables and fruits. Learn about the nutrients that can cure your thirst with its high water content.

Foods that surprise with the amount of water

As air temperatures rise and humidity rises, your body loses water by sweating. Your body needs more water than usual, especially in summer. Sometimes it is not possible to meet your water needs with only drinks. In this regard, food comes to your rescue. Some foods, in particular, protect you against diseases while meeting your water needs. It can quench both your hunger and thirst. It’s time to fill your plate with juicy foods as you roast from the heat in the summer. Here are the foods high in water.


It is not surprising that watermelon is on this list. Watermelon, which is 91 percent water, is the crown jewel of the tables in summer. As a lycopene store, watermelon protects your cells from sun damage and contributes to the beautification of your skin.


You should prefer strawberries, which are indispensable ingredients of cakes and desserts, not only because of their taste, but also for their benefits. This red fruit, which is 91 percent water, contains flavonides and compounds. According to a study, strawberries delay cognitive aging for another 2.5 years.


Your skin comes alive when you get water with fresh cucumbers. This nutrient, which contains 95 percent water, is rich in anti-inflammatory components that help your body retain water and prevent skin irritation. According to some research, cucumbers have anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects. But make sure that the cucumber you consume is hormone-free. Wait for July to get the natural cucumber. The period from July to September is the time of cucumbers.

Iceberg lettuce

Iceberg lettuce, whose appearance even from a distance resembles a tiny mass of ice, contains 95 percent water. This lettuce, which is the right food for you to get water, can be the main actor of your salad in the summer months. If you’re trying to protect your heart health by eating green leafy vegetables, you can also opt for spinach, which is 95 percent water, instead of iceberg lettuce.

Celery stalk

Celery stalk, which is the definitive solution to what you want to eat a crispy snack, contains 95 percent water, like cucumber and iceberg lettuce. You can throw the celery stalk into the freezer in winter and consume it easily in summer. This food, which is low in calories and rich in vitamin K, contains plenty of potassium and folic acid.


Do not be dehydrated in winter. The fact that cauliflower, the winter vegetable, is a juicy vegetable may surprise you. But this nutrient, which is 92 percent water, contains vitamins C and K, as well as other cruciferous vegetables, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of cancer. When consuming cauliflower, you can mash it like potatoes.

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