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What is Americano ?

Americano coffee is a pure type of coffee obtained by adding water to espresso. Americano is one of the coffee types in which the coffee taste is felt most intensely thanks to its plain content. The story of this type of coffee, which dates back to the time of World War II, is very interesting. The American soldier, who came to Italy after winning the war, does not like the espresso he drinks while sitting in a coffee shop because it is too strong. The shopkeeper fulfills this request upon the soldier who wants to add water to the espresso. Thus, the type of espresso closest to the taste of filter coffee gets its name as Americano. Due to the change and development of coffee culture around the world these days, Americano is also gaining popularity rapidly.

It is possible to obtain different flavors of Americano coffee with various intermediates such as ice, sugar and flavored sweeteners. If you are going to make or consume Americano, there are some tricks to consider. The first of these is the temperature of the water you boil while preparing Americano. Another is the temperature of the cup in which you will consume Americano. To warm your cup, you need to put hot water in it and wait. The main purpose of doing this is to prevent the risk of losing some of the aromas of the coffee put into the cup when it encounters a cold cup.

There is an average of 15 calories in a serving of Americano coffee. This makes Americano coffee a unique type of coffee for those who are on a diet and want to lose weight. However, various types of milk, coffee creamers, With sweeteners and flavors, it is possible to greatly increase the calorie content of a serving of Americano coffee. In this sense, you need to pay attention to what ingredients and how much you put in your Americano coffee. You can minimize the amount of calories by using skim milk while making your Americano coffee.

How to Make an Americano

Since Americano is an espresso-based type of coffee, you need to make espresso first. Prepare espresso using finely ground coffee beans. Heat water at an average temperature of 90 degrees and add it to your espresso in a one-to-one ratio without disturbing this heat setting. If you are going to add milk to your Americano coffee, you need to heat your milk to a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. When your coffee and water are mixed in an indistinguishable way, you can start consuming your Americano coffee with pleasure.

Iced Americano?

As with almost any coffee, it is possible to prepare the americano as a cold coffee maker. Especially in the summer months, iced americano coffee recipe, which meets your caffeine needs and helps you cool down, is sure to be your new favorite.

These differences of opinion about how the espresso shot should be cooled also mean that there are a few different methods you can try. The first of these methods is to let your espresso shot cool. Once you’ve placed the standard 3 oz shots in your espresso machine and taken your espresso to a glass, you can wait for it to reach room temperature and place it in the fridge. In this way, your espresso will be quite cold.

Like the classic americano coffee, iced americano is a fairly simple and quick-to-prepare drink. But the coffee world is having some differences of opinion about how iced americano should be prepared.

Another method you can try is to prepare your espresso and add it to an equal amount of water at room temperature. After this process, which does not bring your drink to ice coldness, you can add ice pieces on it.

Americano Coffee Calorie and Nutritional Values

At the beginning of the day, while wanting to relieve the tiredness in the middle of the day and even rewarding yourself at the end of the day, we are here with americano calorie and nutritional values to eliminate the question marks in the minds of those who prefer americano.

  • One cup of Americano coffee corresponds to 15 calories.
  • americano, which is low in calories; along with cream, sugar, milk, it can also have variable calorie amounts.
  • You should take care not to use skim milk and sugar to maintain the low calorie count of your Americanon.

When ordering an Americano or preparing it at home, you should not forget that:

  • In 1 teaspoon of sugar: 165 calories
  • In 2 tablespoons of skim milk: 10 calories are present.
  • The caffeine content of 1 cup of americano is: 100 ml – 250 mg.
  • In 30 ml of cream: 100 calories

Benefits of Americano Coffee You Didn’t Know

  • Accelerates mental activities.
  • Prevents forgetfulness.
  • It suppresses the need for sweets by breaking the insulin resistance. It is often recommended to drink coffee for people who make dessert indispensable in their lives.
  • He fights Alhzeimer, the fearful dream of our time. It makes people fit with its memory-strengthening effect.
  • Prevents the formation of cancer cells. The powerful antioxidants contained in coffee beans act as a shield against some types of cancer. It significantly reduces the risk of liver cancer.
  • Its regular consumption prevents Parkinson’s disease.
  • Gives a feeling of satiety for a long time; thus, it becomes indispensable for diet lists.
  • Reduces the risk of becoming depressed.

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