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What Is Arabica Coffee? 

Coffee is a type of beverage that we consume almost every day with pleasure and sometimes as a necessity. Coffee, which helps us feel fit by increasing mental activity with its high caffeine content, is one of the most loved and recognized beverages around the world. Coffee is a tree species belonging to the genus Coffea of ​​the madder family. The beans grown on the coffee tree are collected, roasted and ground, so that the coffee we consume is prepared. There are many types of coffee, which has made a throne in our hearts with its unique aromatic smell and unique taste…

Coffee is thought to have been discovered in the 14th century by a herdsman named Khaldi, who took his goats to graze in the country of Southern Ethiopia. Rumor has it that when the goats of Khaldi started to eat the coffee fruit, the shepherd succumbed to his curiosity and started to eat the coffee fruit himself. When he realized that it gave him energy, he announced it to other people. Thus, coffee has crossed the borders of the country and has managed to find a place for itself in every culture. Today, coffee draws attention as the most traded product after oil. Brazil is the first country to come to the fore in coffee production. Coffee is produced in more than seventy countries around the world.

The most produced coffee bean in the world belongs to the Arabica coffee type. Arabica coffee is the type of coffee that those who want to drink high quality coffee are looking for. Arabica coffee, which is grown in South America, Africa and Papua New Guinea, is a type of coffee with a soft drink and usually fruit flavor. Arabica coffee bean is oval in shape and has a low caffeine level. Arabica coffee beans, which can rot in a short time, require fine workmanship. Arabica coffee, which makes up seventy-five percent of the world’s coffee trade, attracts great attention from European countries. The type of coffee processed by the wet processing method is more expensive than other types of coffee. Arabica coffee can be really delicious if brewed correctly.

Arabica Coffee Benefits

  • Arabica coffee prevents the increase of cancer-causing cells in terms of antioxidants it contains.
  • Arabica coffee contains some components that are good for headaches and are used in pain medications. It is also known to be 40 percent more effective than drugs in relieving headaches.
  • Coffee, which helps you to concentrate, also prevents you from getting liver diseases such as cirrhosis.
  • In addition, Arabica coffee is also good for cellulite problems.

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