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Blonde Chocolate

The origin of blond chocolate, which is obtained as a result of melting white chocolate by exposing it to high temperature, dates back to France. Chocolate maker Frederic Bau discovered by chance during his work, and can be easily distinguished from other types of chocolate with its butterscotch color. The taste of blond chocolate is likened to milk jam or a light butter biscuit. The most important difference from other chocolates is that when it melts, it leaves a salty taste in the mouth. Blonde chocolate gets its salty flavor from the soil where the cocoa tree grows. Blonde chocolate is a type of chocolate that has just begun to be produced in Turkey. It is expensive because it is new. If you want to search for blonde chocolate in luxury markets, we recommend that you search with the name “Dulcey”. Blonde chocolate is sold in 85 gram packages, under the name dulcey.

Blonde Chocolate Recipe At Home 

Blond chocolate, which is sold at expensive prices in the markets, can be considered in the luxury category. It is possible to produce blonde chocolate made from white chocolate at home. You will love this type of chocolate, which you can melt in the oven or on the stove by melting it in a bain-marie. In the blonde chocolate recipe, which is based on the principle of melting the white chocolate over low heat and caramelizing the sugar in the chocolate, you have to be careful when the color of the white chocolate turns into coffee with milk. When you smell the butter biscuit, you will have your blonde chocolate. If you want to make blonde chocolate at home, you should pay attention to the cocoa butter ratio of the white chocolate you buy. White chocolates with low cocoa butter content can disperse like sand as a result of melting.

You can grate your blonde chocolate on desserts or turn it into a sauce. You should store your blond chocolate in a low humidity and dry environment. You should not put it in the refrigerator and keep it in an odorless environment.

Benefits of Blonde Chocolate

  • Theobromine in its content is good for cough and reduces the mobility in the vagus nerve.
  • With its antioxidants, it delays aging, prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It prevents cerebral hemorrhage by reducing hypertension.
  • It regulates blood pressure and stimulates good cholesterol.
  • The vitamins in it protect the skin against damage from harmful sun rays.
  • It has been observed to reduce stress levels in pregnant women.
  • It is refreshing and energizing and has an anti-depressant effect.
  • It is good for sore throat. It contains magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, calcium, copper, sulfur and potassium. It also contains B group vitamins and vitamin E.

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