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What is Cafe Crema ?

Cafe Crema is one of the coffee types you should definitely try and choose if you want to feel a soft coffee texture on your palate. Cafe Crema, formerly known as espresso caffe crema, is a unique type of coffee that started to become popular in 1980 on the border of Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland. Cafe Crema, which we can briefly describe as a creamy latte, is not recommended for hard coffee lovers. The main difference of Cafe Crema coffee from espresso coffee is the difference between the sizes of the coffee beans used. Cafe Crema is served with milk foam on it and under this foam is a soft espresso . As a different production technique, one of the types of cafe crema is brewed espresso.

It is Cafe Crema coffee obtained by adding whipped cream on coffee. If you want a warm and creamy coffee flavor in your throat and warm you up with a soft coffee on cold days, Cafe Crema is the perfect alternative that you should choose. After Cafe Crema became famous around the world, it takes its place among the special coffee types that come to the fore in almost all cafes today. In addition, Cafe Crema is one of the delicious types of coffee that you can make yourself at home, which is quite simple. If you want to make Cafe Crema at home, all you need is milk, optional coffee cream types and coarse coffee beans.

Cafe Crema Recipe

Making Cafe Crema at home will be very easy and enjoyable for you if you know how to brew espresso . First, get Cafe Crema beans one size larger than regular espresso coffee beans. If you are going to use one measure of coffee beans, you need to use 180 milliliters of hot water. Apply pressure to your coffee beans for an average of 35 seconds with the help of a French Press. It is important that you do not exceed 40 seconds here in order to preserve the taste of your coffee. Mix your coffee, which you brew with hot water, with coffee cream and give it a soft drink. With the milk foam you will add on it, you can reveal your various decorations and coffee decoration skills. Cafe Crema is generally served hot in large porcelain cups.

How to serve café crema?

Since café crema, which is a creamy coffee, does not use milk to soften the coffee and cream, chocolate sauce or whipped cream to sweeten the coffee, this type of coffee can be consumed by adding some sugar according to the taste. In addition, especially in the café crema service without added sugar, coffee presentations can be made much more delicious by serving one of the desserts such as chocolate, cheesecake, cookies, pies, tiramisu and brownie along with coffee.

What are the tricks of making café crema?

The most important point of café crema making is the adjustment of the speed of water passage through the coffee. This process can be achieved by grinding the coffee to the correct thickness or by compressing the finely ground coffee less than usual.

If the coffee beans are ground in the appropriate thickness, or if the finely ground coffee is tampered with correctly, the hot water will pass quickly through the coarse-grained and not very compressed coffee beans by brewing the coffee. After an average of 35 seconds, the color of the flowing coffee will turn a very light yellow color. At this stage, the flow of water from the machine is cut off and an ideal consistency, dense foamy café crema is obtained.

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