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Confucier chocolate is a type of chocolate obtained by mixing cocoa powder with various oils such as palm or coconut oil. The main difference between couverture chocolate and couverture chocolate is that it is much softer. Confidential chocolate, which is available in the form of ready-to-cover blocks in the pastry market, is melted in a bain-marie method and made ready for use.

The bain-marie method means that the object to be melted is placed on a plate and melted in a container filled with hot water, without contact with water, by performing heat exchange. Heating the confectionery chocolate more than once should be avoided. Being exposed to too much heat can deteriorate the structure of the chocolate.

Confidential chocolate is known to contain between 10 and 20 percent cocoa butter. Confidence chocolate is softer than couverture chocolate because it contains much more cocoa butter than couverture chocolate. Since it freezes quickly from the moment it is used, it is preferred mostly during decoration and decoration processes in the field of chocolate confectionery. At the same time, it is a type of chocolate that is often preferred for coating confectionery chocolate. There are many varieties of Konfiseri chocolate, such as raspberry, dark and ivory.

Due to the vegetable oils used in the production of Confissor Chocolate, it is very advantageous in terms of price compared to couverture chocolate. These chocolates contain vegetable oils instead of cocoa butter, which is the most expensive raw material of chocolates. In addition, the production of confised chocolate takes a very short time compared to other chocolates in the production process. Considering all these advantages it provides to the producer, we can understand the reason why confise chocolate is preferred abundantly by the chocolate industry.

It is frequently preferred by the coating manufacturers in terms of its quick-hardening structure and its ability to take the form of crispy chocolate. If we have any questions about whether the chocolate we consume or buy is real chocolate or chocolate confectionery, we can take a look at the ingredients of the product. It is possible to understand whether a chocolate is confucier by paying attention to whether cocoa butter or vegetable oils are written in the ingredients section.

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