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What is Cortado?

Cortado coffee is a type of coffee obtained by adding milk foam on a double espresso shot. It can be described as espresso with milk added to it. This type of coffee, which attracts great attention especially in Portugal, is preferred because it reduces the bitterness of espresso coffee. Cortado coffee takes its name from the Spanish word “cortar”. Cortar means to cut. First discovered in Spain, Cortado is a type of coffee preferred by those who want to reach a sharp coffee taste. In addition, some patterns can be made on the milk foam on the Cortado coffee, just like in the art of latte.

Cortado Brewing Method

If you want to brew Cortado, you should first use double shot espresso. To make double shot espresso, it is recommended to use 14 grams of finely ground coffee. Add warm milk to your espresso coffee. If you want a sharper coffee taste, you can choose one shot of milk and one shot of milk foam. Cortado is served in 250 gram glasses. You can easily bring the aroma of your Cortado coffee to the ideal consistency for you by making minor changes in the amount of ingredients. Cortado coffee is one of the types of coffee that is easy to prepare and can appeal to everyone’s taste.

How to Consume Cortado?

It is recommended to drink Cortado coffee hot. It would be ideal for you to choose Cortado coffee when you want to drink neither too sweet nor too bitter coffee. Cortado is one of the coffee types that appeals to the eye as well as to the human palate, not only with its taste but also with its aesthetic appearance. Cortado coffee, which has an appetizing appearance against the color harmony of milk, milk foam and coffee, is recommended to be served in glass glasses in order to present this look more comfortably.

One serving size of Cortado coffee covers approximately 117 milliliters. The remaining space in the coffee cup can be filled with milk foam. In addition, Cortado cups specially produced for Cortado coffee are also available for sale. Stylish glasses with their unique glass structure are small cups of approximately 120 milliliters. Cortado can be served in glass glasses called Gibraltar with its traditional name.

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