Crispy Katmer Pastry
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Crispy Katmer Pastry


Crispy Katmer Pastry



  • 1.5 cups of warm milk, A little more than a teaspoon of salt, Flour as much as possible, Cheese (according to desire)

  • For snacks: 150gr butter, a little less than half a tea glass of oil



We mix the ingredients and get a soft dough, add butter and oil to our pan and melt it.


We divide the dough we prepared into equal parts and make small balls, and we roll our dough with the help of a rolling pin by lightly flouring it.


We get dough in the size of a plate, then we spread the oil between them and fold the first meringue into four.


Then we put it in the middle of the second meringue and fold it into four again, we fold 3 pieces like this and rest for an hour in the cupboard.


We open the meringues we rested with the help of a roller, add the optional stuffing, fold them and put them on the tray, we put lines on them, apply egg yolk and put them in the oven, and you can serve them after they are cooked.

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