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What Is Liberica Coffee? 

Among the types of coffee drinks that we all love very much, there is also Liberica coffee, which was highly preferred at one time. Liberica coffee beans, which we have started to consume since the 1890s, began to be preferred at a time when the Arabica coffee stock was on the verge of depletion. The beans of the Liberica coffee type, which originates from the Philippines, attract attention with their larger grains compared to other coffee beans. Liberica coffee, which is a type of coffee with a bland taste that is not liked very much, has a sooty structure in terms of aroma. Liberica, a flowering plant species in the Rubiaceae family, has a full flavor.

The Liberica plant produces almond-shaped beans that are quite strong but have a fruity aroma. Compared to other coffee types, Liberica coffees collected from a much larger plant can reach 20 meters in length. Liberica plant, which has a very deep root system, can connect with more water than other coffees thanks to this root length. With this feature, Liberica coffee can be grown in harsh climates. The Liberica coffee plant, which has managed to hold on to life even in clay and peat soils where almost other trees cannot grow in any way, has gained the advantage in this respect.

Liberica coffee, which was first grown in the country of Liberia in the world, took its name from the name of this country. Arabica coffee beans could not be produced in 1890 due to a coffee leaf rust disease seen in Arabica coffee plants. In this case, Liberica coffee began to be recognized around the world and cultivated in many countries. However, Liberica coffee is the rarest type of coffee bean in the world. Two percent of the commercial coffee beans produced in the world are Liberica coffee beans.

Liberica coffee properties

  • Coffee stimulates respiration. It causes the problem of constipation by affecting the intestines.
  • It is effective in reducing kidney stones.
  • The amount of caffeine it contains stimulates some areas of the brain and gives energy. In addition, excessive use of coffee can lead to insomnia problems. However, irritability has been observed in people who drink more coffee than they should.
  • Using too much coffee can cause your blood pressure to rise.
  • It is also thought that consuming coffee has muscle relaxant properties.