Lungo Coffee What?

Lungo coffee, which we can translate as a soft-drinking version of espresso coffee, is at the forefront of many café menus today. Lungo coffee, which has the meaning of “long” in the Italian language, is a coffee variety that can be brewed with the french press and has easy to make stages. Lungo coffee is prepared using twice as much water as espresso. This type of coffee, which attracts attention with its similarity to Cafe Crema, is quite bitter although it is lighter than other coffee types.

Lungo Coffee Making Stages

Lungo coffee is one of the coffees that can be made at home. If you are going to make this coffee in your espresso machine, it will be enough to make small changes in the material ratios. Lungo coffee is brewed in 60 milliliters of water and has a brewing time of one minute. You also need to subject the lungo coffee to a cooking time of one minute. Lung okahve attracts attention with its simple presentation. Lungo does not add cream to coffee, this type of coffee owes its soft drinking to the amount of water it contains. Lungo cups come in sizes ranging from 70 to 100 milliliters on average.