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What is Macchiato?

The macchiato coffee type, which corresponds to “speckled, variegated” in Italian, is formed by adding milk foam concentrated on one or two shots of espresso. This type of coffee, which has an intense flavor, is sprinkled with cocoa during its service. Macchiato coffee, the indispensable coffee option of cafes, has a soft and frothy drink. This variety of coffee, which people of all ages admire for its taste, has long existed.

Macchiato, which stands out with its softened taste as a result of the addition of milk cream and foam to the espresso, which is very sharp in taste, can have different aromas. Macchiato, which is made by adding flavorings of different flavors to the espresso brewed or french press method for a long time, is made suitable for consumption with plenty of foam and three color layers. Macchiato is served decorated with ornamental art.

If you want to make macchiato at home, you should learn how to brew espresso by getting espresso powder. Then you need to add milk cream or milk to your brewed espresso. It is up to your taste to make your coffee, which you have softened in this way, ready for presentation. You should make sure to store your espresso powder in glass jars so that it does not come into contact with heat and water. In addition, if you bought macchiaton in capsules or liquid consistency, it is possible to store it in your refrigerator. You can use macchiato not only to drink, but also to soak your cake cakes. You can prepare macchiato with hot milk or hot water.

Macchiato is served in large glass cups with three layers of color revealed. You can consume your macchiato hot or cold. It’s normal to drink a glass of macchiato a day, but consuming more of it can cause heart palpitations. A cup of macchiato with small-sized caramel is known to have 137 calories. The calories of your Macchiato coffee vary depending on whether the milk you use is fatty or not and the structure of the flavoring syrup you prefer.

Macchiato Benefits

  • Macchiato is a type of coffee that has an accelerating effect on metabolism.
  • Macchiatone is among those known to be good for headaches and muscle pains.
  • This type of coffee is thought to rest the body.
  • In addition, macchiato coffee helps to focus by recovering from confusion.
  • With the B vitamin it contains and magnesium, macchiato supports the human body.