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Ristretto What?

Ristretto is one of the coffee varieties that attracts attention with its dense consistency and different flavor from other types of coffee. Ristretto consists of a mixture of coffee and milk. This espresso-based drink is preferred because it has an intense and permanent coffee aroma. Unlike the espresso brewing stages, the ristretto coffee obtained as a result of using less water is a candidate to be the favorite of strong coffee lovers.

The word ristretto, which means “limited” in the Italian language, is a special name given to this type of coffee due to the limited water draw of the beans in ristretto coffee. Ristretto coffee contains an average of 161 calories in one serving. Ristretto coffee, which is very high in caffeine, is perfect for those who want to wake up easily in the morning and have trouble focusing.

How to Make Ristretto?

The basic ingredients you need to make ristretto are coffee, milk, and water. In order to make Ristretto coffee, you need to filter 7 grams of coffee from 30 milliliters of hot water. Then you need to fill the milk foam into your coffee cup and add the coffee you have filtered to this cup. Coffee beans that have come into contact with a limited amount of water quite quickly will have an intense aroma. The ristretto coffee that you need to serve hot should be completely covered with milk foam. You can apply latte decoration art techniques on the milk foam as you wish and perform the decorations you want. You can choose chocolate sauce as the material for these decorations.