What is Robusta Coffee?

Coffee is a special type of kernel that is influenced by the aromas of the fruits with which it grows. Coffees grown in different geographies therefore have different aromas. Robusta coffee is an earthy coffee with an intense aroma for the same reason. With its more bitter and harsh content than Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee is a type of coffee that grows in a short time in low regions. The countries of Brazil and Vietnam are leaders in the production of Robusta Coffee. Known for being resistant to all conditions, Robusta coffee is a favorite of coffee lovers with milk and sugar.

Robusta coffee is most preferred by Italians to make espresso. Discovered in West Africa, this type of coffee is a very easy product to grow. Because of its harsh taste, Robusta coffee is often sold mixed with Arabica beans. Robusta coffee, which attracts attention with its high caffeine content, is preferred by coffee gourmets. The fact that Arabica coffee beans contain 60 percent fewer lipids than them and half as much sugar as Arabica coffee are some of the characteristics of the coffee type. The coffee type, which is advantageous in terms of being easy to grow and highly resistant to external conditions, is still not in high demand because it is very hard when consumed alone.

As a result of a coffee producer company naming itself after these coffee beans, the first years of Robusta coffee, which is known worldwide, date back to 1900. If you want to try the robus coffee type, you can try drinking espresso.