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Turkish Coffee

What is Turkish Coffee?

Although Turkish coffee is not produced in Turkish culture, it attracts attention as a separate type of coffee that is made ready by special cooking method and is associated with Turkish culture. Cups prepared to drink Turkish coffee, taking care that it is frothy, small snacks such as Turkish delight and serving with a small glass of water make this type of coffee a separate tradition. In addition, in Turkish culture, coffee is served to the guests who come to the house first. If the guest drinks the coffee first, it is understood that he is full, if he drinks the water first, his stomach is hungry and the table is set immediately.

A special tradition known as “salt coffee” in the ceremony of asking for a girl has managed to gain a place in Turkish culture. Turkish coffee, which is a type of coffee with a grounds, has many benefits. This type of coffee, which can be consumed with and without sugar, has more effect than many other types of coffee, even if it is served in small cups. Experts emphasize that you should consume Turkish coffee without sugar or with little sugar, and that the snack you will eat next to it should be snacks such as low-calorie dark chocolate. It is also recommended that you consume plenty of water. Excessive consumption of Turkish coffee can invite many health problems, and the right and regular consumption provides many benefits.

Benefits of Turkish coffee

  • Consuming Turkish coffee in moderation reduces stress. In addition, consuming Turkish coffee prevents depression by 40 percent.
  • According to research, those who drink a cup of Turkish coffee after breakfast start the day more energetically.
  • Drinking unsweetened Turkish coffee accelerates metabolism. It also gives the person a feeling of satiety.
  • Turkish coffee is known to be good for the liver and also strengthens memory. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid consuming Turkish coffee too much. Consuming excessive amounts of Turkish coffee adversely affects the digestive system and disrupts the stomach acid balance. It is necessary to consume no more than three cups of Turkish coffee per day.
  • You can make a skin mask by mixing the grounds, which have the feature of nourishing the skin, of Turkish coffee with lemon juice. This mask will help your skin get a more radiant appearance. It will also reduce your old age wrinkles.


Turkish coffee; it is usually prepared in 4 ways. Before the coffee is cooked, the drinker is asked how he drinks. Sugar is not added to plain coffee. Low-sugar coffee 1 teaspoon sugar, Medium-sugar coffee 2 teaspoons sugar,

Multi-sugar coffee is made using 3 teaspoons of sugar.

  • Drink every cup of coffee in the coffee pot; Put a cup of water, 2 teaspoons of coffee and sugar.
  • Stir well, place the coffee pot on low heat and slowly bring it to a boil.
  • The heavier the coffee, that is, the more it is cooked over low heat, the more flavor it increases.
  • When it starts to boil, distribute the foam formed on top to the cups, boil again and distribute the rest in the cups.
  • Coffee is served in a unique Turkish coffee cup when served. Bon appetit