What is Bonito Fish?

Bonito, also called Sarda Sarda, is a bony fish species that lives both in the coastal areas and in the open in generally warm and hot seas. It has a torpedo-shaped body as well as a mouth covered with large and sharp teeth. The back of the acorn, which is named differently according to its length, is generally bluish in color, and when it starts to go sideways, it turns into a silvery-white color in the abdomen. In addition to the beauty of its taste, the benefits are also innumerable.

What are the Benefits of Bonito Fish?

The main benefits of bonito, which has many different benefits to human health, are as follows;

  • It makes the skin reach a much brighter and more vibrant appearance.
  • It strengthens the hair follicles and prevents them from fraying and shedding.
  • In case of regular consumption, it strengthens the bone and tooth structure and prevents the occurrence of any deformity.
  • It regulates cholesterol along with the potassium it contains.
  • It increases blood pressure.
  • It enriches the cells in the yellow spot in the eye and prevents visual disturbances.
  • It heals the cells that are prone to mutation in the digestive system and prevents the occurrence of cancer diseases in the person.
  • It makes nerve cells much healthier.

How to Consume Bonito Fish?

You have different alternatives to consume bonito, which is extremely delicious when consumed in season. You can cook the fish on the grill or, if you wish, by baking it or cooking it in a pan.