What is Lambuka Fish?

The scientific name of the lambuka fish, which also has names such as mahi-mahi fish, dorado, is Coryphaena Hippurus. This fish, which can be seen all over the tropical and temperate zone, is seen in blue, green and yellow tones when underwater, while its color starts to fade when it comes out of the water. And after a while, its color darkens.

What are the Benefits of Lambuka Fish?

In addition to its difference, the benefits of lambuka fish, which has a very thick skin structure with its benefits, are as follows;

  • It contains vitamin A. This is very beneficial for the health of the skin structure, especially the bones and teeth.
  • There is only 1 gram of fat in 100 grams of lambuka fish.
  • It helps strengthen the immune system.

How to Consume Lambuka Fish?

You should take care to clean the lambuka head, which has a thick skin, before cooking it. After cleaning and skinning, you can easily cook it in a pan with olive oil after slicing it fillet style if you want. If you want to get a much more delicious taste at this stage, you can marinate your meat before the cooking process. With this process, you will have a much more delicious and soft meat. In addition to the pan, you can also cook lambuka fish in the oven and consume it. For this, after covering your fish pieces with special sauces, you can put them on the tray and cook them by adding onions. This turns out to be a very tasty dish.