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Leer Fish

What is leer fish?

The leer is a member of the mackerel family and is a bony fish. It can be recognized by the absence of leer teeth, which are common in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. It is also known as leer egret. Leer contains small scales on its body. The leer fish, which likes to live in groups at the bottom of the seas, are also known as lamb, naked, leka and İskender in some regions. One of the characteristic features of the fish is the presence of eight spines on the first dorsal fin of the leech, whose body is shaped like an ellipse. The leer fish, which has the ability to make quick maneuvers, is an advanced fish species. The leech, which feeds on other fish species, is a predatory animal. The fish species, whose average weight is around 20 kilograms, is about 1 meter in length. Soup is made from the head of the leer fish. Its body is eaten by deep frying.

How to Eat Leer Fish?

White-fleshed leer fish, which is popular in the Mediterranean region, can be cooked in the oven and eaten. The ingredients for cooking leer fish in the oven are two leer slices, four cloves of garlic, small potatoes, optional small shallots, olive oil and spices . You need to wash the leer fish slices thoroughly and drain the water. Fish must be completely dried before cooking. Mix the crushed garlic with spices and three spoons of olive oil and prepare a special sauce. Apply this sauce all over the fish and feed it well. Arrange the fish on the greased baking tray and place your shallots and potatoes. You can also dip the potatoes in special oil. Put the fish in your preheated oven and wait until it is lightly browned. Enjoy your meal.

What are the Benefits of Leer Fish?

  • The leer fish prevents obesity with its intense omega-3 ratio. It relieves arteriosclerosis. It lowers high blood pressure.
  • The leer fish is perfect for heart ailments. It reduces bad cholesterol by reducing the risk of heart attack.
  • The fish species known as the lamb of the Mediterranean is known for feeding the veins.
  • In addition, leer fish heals joint pain by protecting your joints.
  • The leer fish hardens and nourishes your muscles.
  • For those who want to lose weight, leer fish is an invaluable wealth.