What is Salema Fish?

The Salema fish, also known as the cheetah fish by many , has a flattened shape from the sides. In addition to its yellow stripes, it is similar to sea bream in appearance with its scaly appearance. Living mainly in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara Seas, this fish feeds on plankton and algae because its teeth are not sharp, although its jaw is extremely strong. Although not many people know this fish, it has very useful meat.

What Are the Benefits of Salema Fish?

After the researches, it is stated that the Salema fish is a complete mineral and vitamin store. Here are the benefits of Salema fish;

  • It can be consumed as a calcium supplement for bone and joint health.
  • It is extremely rich in protein.
  • Thanks to mineral salts such as iodine and calcium and vitamins contained in it, it gives strength and energy to people’s bodies.
  • It is supportive for the successful protection of eye health because it contains vitamin A, phosphorus and Omega 3.

How to Consume Salema Fish?

After catching this algae-fed fish, its internal organs should be cleaned and removed immediately. Because otherwise, odor may occur. The large Salema fish can be cooked without any problem, especially in the oven, together with different vegetables in the form of soups and stews. Small Salema fish can be consumed mainly by steaming, frying and grilling.