What is Sardine Fish?

Sardine fish, which has blue spots on the green color, is also known as the type of fish that people consume the most after anchovy in general. The old name is fire fish, and especially the varieties that are kept around the Marmara Sea are considered to be the best quality. In general, sardines are one of the fish that die the fastest after being caught. Therefore, as the deterioration time will be so fast, icing should be done immediately. Although it is small in size, its benefits are many.

What Are the Benefits of Sardine Fish?

Other benefits of sardine fish, the main benefit of which is calcium storage, are as follows;

  • It keeps blood sugar in balance.
  • It is beneficial for bone development.
  • It has a positive effect on dental health.
  • Due to the presence of omega 3 acids, mental problems such as anxiety disorder and depression are kept in balance and eliminated.

How to Consume Sardine Fish?

In general, sardine fish is known as a fish species with a high fat content. Therefore, if you want to consume the fish by frying, it will be very unhealthy to add extra oil. In order to consume the sardine fish you have purchased in the healthiest way, all you need to do is to bake your fish. While baking, it will be sufficient to lay oil paper on the bottom and dripping only two or three drops of olive oil. After a short while, your fish will be ready to be eaten.