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Sea ​​Bass

What is Sea Bass?

Sea bass, which has found its place among the indispensable fish of the winter months in particular, is a fish variety belonging to Moronidae familation. On its body it has the form of a fusiform, and as its skin grows, it is covered with scales. The abdomen is lighter silvery, while the back is lead-colored. This fish, which is extremely delicious due to its carnivorousness, also has many benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Sea Bass?

The main benefits of sea bass, which is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and iron, are;

  • It contains proteins that help regulate muscle functions.
  • It strengthens the immune system and reduces the rate of contracting diseases in winter.
  • Due to its rich structure in vitamin A and phosphorus, it allows the eyes to see much better.
  • Due to being rich in omega 3, it helps brain development. Therefore, pregnant women and children are often advised to consume sea bass.
  • Supports cardiovascular health.
  • By protecting the connective tissue in the skin, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and delays aging.

How Should Sea Bass Be Consumed?

In general, as with other types of fish, you should not consume sea bass by frying it as much as possible in order to get the full benefits for sea bass. The way of cooking in the oven in the form of steaming or grilling will ensure that the nutritional values do not die. You can cook and consume sea bass fish with different vegetables at the same time.