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Spanish Mackerel

What is Spanish Mackerel?

Spanish Mackerel, which is a migratory fish species belonging to the Mackerel family, is also called Scomber Japonicus. Although it is similar to mackerel in terms of its rich nutritional value, body structure and taste, it can be distinguished by its zigzag shape on the back as well as its color. This fish, which has a silvery yellow abdomen and dark spots, has many benefits.

What are the Benefits of Spanish Mackerel?

The benefits of Spanish Mackerel fish, especially when it is consumed regularly, are as follows;

  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It strengthens memory with Omega 3 fatty acids it contains.
  • Sea bream fish is a type of fish that is very beneficial for cardiovascular health in general.
  • Due to its richness in vitamins A and C, it has a protective feature against diseases in the winter period.
  • It is effective in bone development in children.
  • It will help in preventing anemia.
  • It is known as a fish species beneficial for cardiovascular health.

How should Spanish Mackerel fish be consumed?

If you want to consume Spanish Mackerel fish in a healthy way, the oven will be an ideal cooking method for you. You can cook your fish simply, or if you want, you can cook it by adding potatoes to it. In addition, after marinating for a while with different spices, you can steam your fish and consume it in the way you want. At this stage, everything will be up to your wishes.