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What is Swordfish?

This fish species, which is called swordfish because its upper jaw is as long as a sword, is from the family Xiphiidae. The fish has a special heating system in which the heat coming from the body muscles is transferred to its eyes. Thanks to this existing heating system, the necessary heat is provided for the visual function of the eyes. The body of the fish, which sometimes has a bronze appearance, is sometimes a green and blue color. It is among the indispensable foods of many people with the benefits it has.

What are the Benefits of Swordfish?

With this portion of swordfish, which contains approximately 20 grams of protein in 100 grams, 40% of the daily protein requirement can be met. This is not the only benefit.

  • It has positive effects on the nervous, muscle and immune system.
  • If consumed regularly, it reduces the chance of developing cancer.
  • It is rich in vitamin D, which helps protect bones.

How Should Swordfish be Consumed?

Swordfish, which is among the scaleless fish, can be cooked by peeling the skin. You can prepare the swordfish you want to consume by baking in the form of fillet, you can cook it simply, or you can choose different vegetables if you want. The barbecue and grill method will also help you cook your fish in a healthy way. If you want to consume the swordfish by frying, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is that the oil is hot. In this way, you will cook it without reducing the nutritional values ​​too much.