What is Trout Fish?

Trout , known as fresh cold water fish, is a seafood product often preferred by fish lovers with its variegated appearance. Trout living in oxygen-rich watersIt leads an active life and is carnivorous. In our country, there are also special facilities established to breed trout, which many fishermen can easily catch. The average body length of the trout is 15 cm, and its weight is in the range of 1.5-2 kilograms. The trout, which feeds on snails and small fish and water bugs, live an average of 11 years. It is ideal for consumption during the summer season. Trout, which comes from the Trout family, is found in the Salmondae family of the bony fish team. Their bodies are slightly flattened. Its characteristic feature is the dorsal fin called “adipose”. They are called the “chameleon of the fish” because they adapt easily to the area they live in. Trout should be consumed regularly. The benefits of trout, which can meet our protein and vitamin needs when consumed in sufficient quantities, are innumerable.

Trout Benefits

It is rich in protein content and vitamin B12. It is very healthy in terms of being a source of omega-3, fatty acids and niacin. Niacin aids digestion. Omega-3 and fatty acids provide growth and support development. Trout , which has a repairing effect on damaged tissues in the bodyIt is in the group of foods recommended by doctors to be consumed frequently. It is important to consume trout, which is very useful and supportive in terms of intelligence development, especially by children. Trout, which has no definite harm, should be consumed by everyone. In addition, trout oil, which is the biggest supporter of students, is one of the frequently preferred by-products of trout. Trout oil, which has the feature of drying inflammation and moisturizing the skin, is one of the foods that should be consumed for every mass from seven to seventy. In addition, trout oil is among those known to lengthen and shine hair. It is recommended to consult your doctor before using trout oil.


How to Cook Trout? How to clean trout? 

Trout is much easier to clean compared to other fish species. First, the scales of the trout and the hardness on its back are scraped with a knife, then a cut is made on its stomach. The trout , whose internal organs are removed , is washed in plenty of water until thoroughly cleaned. Trout is easy to cook in the oven due to its low fat content. It can also be cooked and consumed by pan frying, steaming, boiling and grilling methods.