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Tuna Fish

What is Tuna Fish?

Tuna, which is in the mackerel family, is also known as tuna. This fish, which has a round body, has a large front part and a structure that thins towards the back. In addition to the small distance between the two dorsal fins, there are eight or nine pseudofins called pinnules. The upper part of the body is black or dark blue, the sides of the tuna are silvery white. Let’s take a closer look at tuna fish, which has many benefits.

What are the Benefits of Tuna Fish?

We have listed the main benefits of tuna, the fastest of the migratory fish, for you;

  • It regulates blood pressure with its low sodium rate and high protein structure.
  • While it is thought to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in advanced ages, it supports brain development in children.
  • It prevents clotting and increases blood flow.
  • It has a reducing effect on the risk of stroke.
  • It helps to protect cardiovascular health due to its richness in omega 3 and protein.
  • It helps to prevent the occurrence of diseases such as breast cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia and depression.

How Should Tuna Fish Be Consumed?

The meat of this fish, which is mainly used in the field of canning due to its high meat quality, is oily and delicious. Although many people prefer to consume it mainly in canned form, you can easily consume fresh tuna by cooking it in the form of skewers and casseroles, as well as grilling.