What is Turbot?

Turbot fish belonging to the Scophthalmidae family have an almost completely round and scaleless structure. The eyes of this fish, which lives at a depth of approximately 20 to 70 meters in the sea, are located on the left side of its body. It lies on the bottom of the sea with the right side of its body. Turbot fish, which can be caught in all seasons, has many benefits.

What are the Benefits of Turbot Fish?

The main benefits of turbot, which offers many benefits to those who consume it regularly, are as follows;

  • Supports skin health. It prevents the skin from wrinkling and helps to have a much younger appearance.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids in its structure provide protection against cancer and tumor formation.
  • It is effective in balancing the cholesterol level.
  • It contributes to brain development.
  • When consumed regularly, it enriches the body in terms of energy.
  • Since it is a source of calcium, it contributes to bone development.

How Should Turbot Fish Be Consumed?

The most common method for cooking turbot fish, which tastes very delicious, is undoubtedly the pan. For this type of cooking, you must first marinate your fish and then fry it. For a different fish history instead of the classical way of cooking in the oven, you can easily combine your turbot and seasonal vegetables according to your own taste. If you want to flavor turbot fish in a different way, you can cook and consume your turbot fish after a marinating method of your choice.