Did you know that this sweetener, which we often use in cakes and desserts, is actually a plant? This plant, which we know as vanilla powder, which is also a source of healing with its sweetening feature and wonderful smell, has many benefits for our body. When we are depressed or stressed, we want to attack sweets. One reason for this may be because vanilla reduces stress and depression in us. Vanilla extract has many more benefits and benefits besides its sweetening feature, and at the same time, it has been a great ingredient for our cakes with its sweet feature. Vanilla has about 25 thousand species and is among the edible flowers. The use of vanilla plant, which has been used since ancient times, has become a very good sweetener and cosmetic product today.

Besides the flavor of vanilla extract, it is a nutritious plant thanks to its rich minerals and vitamins. Although we use it as a sweetener very often, we often see varieties such as vanilla shampoos, creams, perfumes and skin lotions in the field of cosmetics. These cosmetics allow us to benefit from the unique taste of vanilla by transforming it into a scent, for a reason why these cosmetics are so preferred, and at the same time, they allow us to use them in many areas together with some creams and oil types used as healing.

What Are the Benefits of Vanilla?

Vanilla, which helps in the treatment of various psychological problems, has many more benefits and benefits, some of which are that it facilitates digestion and is useful for stomach diseases, reduces fever, gives energy and resistance to the body. For regular use, this problem is fixed and has many benefits. At the same time, besides the aphrodisiac effect of this vanilla, too much use also has side effects and harms. You should also pay attention not to use this plant, which has so many benefits, too much.

At the same time, the vanilla plant appears in the market by turning it into oil. Vanilla can be used as a whole, as well as in powder, extract, essential or oil form, or even in syrup form. You can also make vanilla extract at home, using vanilla sticks to provide vanilla extract.

The sticks of vanilla are cut in half and kept in alcohol for a few months, and after this plant, which separates from its seeds and leaves its extract to alcohol, it is completely purified from alcohol and only the essence remains. In this way, you can easily make vanilla extract at home. It may be easier to use ready-made vanilla extracts instead of this process, which has a very long and laborious waiting time. You can easily use these materials that you can easily find in herbalists.

How to Use Vanilla

First of all, one of the ways to reach vanilla essence can be to reach vanilla in stick form. These vanilla sticks are usually sold individually. Since the seeds in it serve as a sweetener, you can easily cut the inside of the vanilla sticks and use them. Although it may seem small to your eyes, these vanilla sticks have a lot of sweetening properties, so you can sweeten your cakes and desserts with just one vanilla stick. Since the seeds you extract from the vanilla plant are a very strong sweetener, you can pour them directly into the cake mix and can be used in this way. Another use is vanilla paste. This paste, which is made from a combination of vanilla and vanilla extract, becomes a paste by adding a little sugar to it. Using a teaspoon of paste for your cakes will be more than enough. Another use is vanilla extract. This type of vanilla, which is the liquid form of alcohol, is kept in alcohol to allow its aroma to pass, after which the alcohol completely evaporates and only its aroma remains. It is both more economical and easier to use.