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What is Espresso?

Espresso is one of the most recognized and preferred types of coffee. Espresso coffee, which is used as the basic base in many coffees thanks to its easy brewing method and unique taste, is one of the most famous coffees around the world. Espresso coffee, which was discovered in Italy in the 1900s, is a type of coffee that is brewed thanks to the pressure force. Espresso cups are small and espresso has a strong bitter coffee taste. Espresso coffee, which has a very high caffeine content, can have many coffee flavors. It is also possible to enrich the taste of espresso coffee by adding additional ingredients such as caramel, fruit syrups and milk. Espresso word meaning is the combination of the words espres, which means fast, and press, which means pressure, in the Italian language.

Espresso Making

Espresso brewing steps are the same all over the world. To prepare espresso, first prepare your boiled hot water. Then use a strainer to pass this water through finely ground coffee using high pressure. Be sure to do this for an average of 30 seconds while filtering the water. As a result of these steps, your espresso with a strong coffee aroma will be formed. It is possible to tell by the brown foam on the top layer that you have prepared your espresso correctly. After preparing your espresso coffee in this way, you can fill it into your small espresso cups and serve it. You can take care not to consume calorie snacks next to espresso coffee, which is very low in calories.

Espresso Benefits

  • Thanks to its espresso content, it allows you to remove excess water from your body and get rid of your edema. Espresso also helps you lose weight.
  • Espresso accelerates fat burning. Espresso, which has an effect on accelerating metabolism, is one of the coffee types that has very few calories in terms of calories. Thanks to this feature, espresso is a frequently preferred beverage in diets.
  • In addition, espresso has a stimulating effect on the brain and increases the attention rate. Thanks to its caffeine content, it helps you focus more easily. You can also consume espresso, which is a strong and intense type of coffee with an arousing effect, in the morning. However, you should not overdo it due to the caffeine content.

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