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What is Flat White?

Flat White is a way of preparing coffee that is famous all over the world, starting from Australia. A Flat White espresso-based type of coffee with a white, frothed drive. Flat White, the coffee type that will be the number one choice for those who love coffee with milk but are also bothered by the large amount of milk in their coffee, is served in small glasses. One of the features that distinguishes Flat White coffee from other types of coffee is the absence of foam on it. If you want to have an intense espresso taste but also like to feel the soft texture of milk cream, you can choose to consume Flat White.

Flat White is an Australian or New Zealand beverage, but there is no definite information between these two options. Nevertheless, it is possible to say that Flat White coffee started to become popular in the 1980s. It is often confused with Cafe Latte because of its Flat White appearance. One of the main differences between these two types of coffee is that the amount of milk foam on them is completely different. In addition, Cafe Latte is served in 200 milliliter glasses, while Flat White is served in 180 milliliter ceramic cups. Flat White coffee contains two shots of espresso. However, in order to dilute or intensify the coffee taste, some peacekeepers prefer a double shot espresso.

Making Flat White at Home

It is possible and quite enjoyable to make Flat White coffee at home. The main feature you need to pay attention to when making Flat White is the use of micro foam. While making Flat White coffee, you should mix the espresso and milk completely and make sure that you pour the milk slowly over the espresso from one point. You need to create a small and dense layer of foam on your Flat White coffee. You can get help from the French press machine to get these foams. A portion size for Flat White is specially cut Flat White glasses with a volume of 160 milliliters.

The first step to making Flat White is to prepare your espresso coffee. After this stage, you need to prepare your milk and turn it into small foams. Then make sure that the milk foams are ready. When the milk reaches a velvety texture and has a bright appearance, the process is complete. The temperature of your milk should remain at an average of 70 degrees. As a final step, pour your milk over your espresso coffee. You can make any coffee decoration art on these foams. Your Flat White coffee is ready to be served.

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