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Frappe What?

Frappe coffee is one of the types of coffee that originated in Greece and has gained great fame worldwide. Frappe granules are obtained by adding water to the coffee and foaming it. There is an opportunity to have all kinds of flavors, with an unlimited number of fruit syrups, caramel and chocolate sauces added to this type of coffee. The frappe is mixed with ice and served in long glasses. There are three different methods to prepare frappe, which stands out as the most favorite type of drink in cold coffee types. These are shaking, stirring and beating to prepare frappe. Frappe, which is an intense form of coffee, takes on the task of cooling its consumers especially in the summer months.

In 1957, at an International Coffee Fair hosted by the city of Thessaloniki, a Nestle employee introduced their new product by answering the question of what is a milkshake to customers, while another employee could not find hot water to make his own coffee and prepared his coffee using ice and cold water in the shaker. Frappe, the cold coffee type discovered in this way, is available in almost every café today. Unlike frapp, which was discovered at that time, Frappe coffees today are produced as espresso-based, not instant coffee-based. Frappe coffee has many differences from other types of coffee and drinks.

One of them is that the preparatory stage resembles a milkshake drink not in the type of coffee, but in the fact that it is shaken. In addition, frappe has a much denser texture than other cold coffees. In addition, when the Frappe is fully prepared, it is thoroughly mixed, the pieces of ice in it have become indistinguishable. When preparing the frappie, care is taken to ensure that the drink is completely in foam form. The difference between Frappe and Milkshake is that ice cream is not used to make Frappe.

Frappe Recipe at Home

Frappe is one of the types of coffee that is quite simple to prepare at home. But to make Frappe at home, you need an espresso machine, blender and foaming machine. To prepare Frappe at home, the first thing you need to do is create your coffee base. 1 and a half cups of coffee allows you to make four cups of frappe. Prepare your espresso and while the coffee is still hot, add sweetener if you prefer.

Then let your coffee cool. After cooling, place your coffee in a bowl to beat with the help of the blender. Add half a glass of milk to it. Put one and a half cups of ice in your container. With the help of the blender, mix all the ingredients and completely break the ice. Take your frappe, which has gained a dense structure, to a tall glass and decorate it. You can choose to use milk foam or cream to decorate the srappie.

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