Homemade Beyti
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Homemade Beyti


Homemade Beyti

Homemade BEYTİ recipe like Miss

Preparation Time25 Minutes
Cook Time25 Minutes


  • For minced meat; 1 kg of ground beef, 1 egg, 1 glass of breadcrumbs, Salt, Black pepper, Red pepper flakes, Thyme

  • Sauce material; 2 spoons of tomato paste, 1 spoon of pepper paste, hot water, salt, butter



Let's knead our minced meat with all the ingredients. Let's give it a long shape as in the photo. Let's make it upside down in the pan in a way that it will not be fully fried in a little oil.


Let's divide the dough in two and arrange the meatballs on the long side and wrap it in the form of rolls. Let's slice our dough.


I put it on the tray. Let's fry the tomato paste and oil first, add hot water to get a thick consistency, and add the spices.


Let's brush the oil with which we fried the meatballs on the phyllo dough with the help of a brush. Now, let's put the phyllo in the oven and cook it until it's golden brown.


Let's take as many beyti as we can eat on our serving plate and pour the tomato paste sauce on it, yogurt in the middle and melted butter on the top. Enjoy your meal.

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