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What is Irish Coffee?

Irish Coffee, a type of cocktail coffee that is quite different from other coffee varieties, stands out with its Irish whiskey and hard filter coffee. This type of coffee, which is recommended to be served in free-standing glasses, is often preferred by many coffee lovers in the world. Discovered in Ireland in 1943, Irish Coffee is invented in an airport. A group approaching the airport by plane informs the restaurant at the airport that they need to prepare a hot drink.

The restaurant chef then puts Irish whiskey in the hot coffee he prepares. Later, a passenger notices this and asks the restaurant chef if what he is drinking is Brazilian coffee. The restaurant chef says it’s Irish Coffee. Irish Coffee, which means Irish Coffee invented in this way, is added to the coffee options as a pleasant type of coffee that can be prepared at home.

How to Make Irish Coffee

To make Irish Coffe at home, you will need 5 cl of Irish Whiskey. In addition, filter coffee, brown sugar and cream are also on the list of materials you need. The first step to making Irish Coffee is to fill your glass with hot water to make it well warm. This will prevent the aroma of your coffee from disappearing. Then you should add a teaspoon of brown sugar to your hot water. After this step, you will add your whiskey to the glass. After mixing these three basic ingredients well, add the filter coffee you have prepared to the mixture and continue stirring.

The next step will be to put the coffee cream you have prepared on top of the coffee and decorate it in the way we want. Keep in mind that during these steps, your filter coffee should have an average of 30 cl and your whiskey should have an average of 5 cl. In addition, the recommended amount of brown sugar to be too sugary is stated as 1 teaspoon. You can serve your coffee consisting of cream and Irish Coffee in your free-standing glass cup with any snack.

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