Kaymakçina (Kaymakçina)
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Kaymakçina (Kaymakçina)


Kaymakçina (Kaymakçina)

You can try Kaymaçina dessert, which is a popular dessert of the Balkans. I am sure you will love this delicious dessert with few ingredients.


  • 5 Eggs, half a liter of Milk (cold), 5 tablespoons of Flour

  • For sherbet: 3 glasses of sugar, 3 glasses of water



Beat the eggs and sugar at room temperature with a mixer for 10 minutes. In the meantime, we set our oven to 200 degrees and heat it.


The beaten eggs swell, so we slowly add the milk and continue whisking. Then slowly add the flour and beat for another 5 minutes.


Before pouring this mixture on the tray, we let it warm up in the oven 5 minutes beforehand. Our mortar will be poured into the hot tray.


Before completely removing our pre-oiled and heated tray from the oven (so that it does not get cold), we pour our mortar and cook our dessert until it turns golden brown. We do not open the oven door during the cooking time.


While our dessert is cooking, we are preparing our sherbet at the same time. Before our baked dessert comes out of the oven, we pour the hot syrup on our dessert and keep it in the oven for 5 minutes, which we have set to zero.


Then we take our dessert out of the oven and let it cool. Let it cool thoroughly in the refrigerator before consuming.

Recipe Tip and Cooking Suggestion:


The reason why we whisk for a long time in the mixer is that we do not smell eggs while eating our dessert. We need to pour our mortar on the hot tray and pour hot syrup on our baked dessert.

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