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Milk Chocolate

The irresistible taste and pleasure of chocolate, whose history goes back thousands of years, is an indisputable fact. Milk chocolate, which is among the most popular types of chocolate, is also consumed in abundance. The most basic information to know about milk chocolate is that there are 250 to 300 calories in 100 grams of milk chocolate. It also has a migraine triggering and headache-increasing effect. Excessive consumption can cause skin rashes. However, when all these are taken into consideration and consumed in appropriate amounts, milk chocolate is a very useful and delicious sweet snack. Milk chocolate should not be stored in the refrigerator and should be kept at room conditions. It is recommended to store milk chocolate in a dark environment and without removing it from its packaging as much as possible.

Making Milk Chocolate at Home

It is possible to prepare milk chocolate at home in a very pleasant and easy way. In the continuation of our article, we shared the recipe for how you can make milk chocolate at home. Here is the simple recipe of the indispensable snack milk chocolate, which everyone from 7 to 70 can easily apply…

Ingredients: 40 grams of cocoa butter, 1.5 tablespoons of cocoa, 3-4 tablespoons of sugar, 60 grams of milk cream.

First, the cream is heated over low heat and melted thoroughly. When it boils, it starts to be mixed and when it thickens, it is continued to mix until the consistency is well concentrated. Cocoa butter is melted in a bain-marie method in boiling water to melt the cocoa butter. Then cocoa is added to this bowl and mixed. Add sugar and milk cream to the mixture. When the completely mixed mixture becomes homogeneous, you can shape your chocolate with the help of molds. Chocolate is kept in the freezer for one night, frozen and made ready for consumption.

Benefits of Milk Chocolate

  • It increases the secretion of serotonin in the brain and supports the acceleration of memory functions.
  • It is antioxidant. It reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • The active ingredients in it fight cancer cells and give energy.
  • It lowers blood pressure with its flavonoid and potassium content.
  • It is diuretic. It is a throat softener.
  • It prevents the risk of stroke. It has antibacterial ingredients that protect dental health.

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