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Praline Chocolate

Praline is a type of chocolate that is shaped into a bite size specially produced to consist of a mixture of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, of which at least twenty-five percent are chocolate types. Single praline chocolates, which we encounter most during the holidays, are served as a taste of the mouth. Produced by using hazelnut oil instead of cocoa butter, unlike chocolate, praline chocolate gets its flavor from this hazelnut structure aroma. Praline, which we often encounter in the pastry industry, is a difficult chocolate product in terms of chocolate production. The name of praline chocolate, which originates from France, is also taken from the French word praleñ, which means almond candy. It is popularly known as fake chocolate because it is covered with caramel.

The four product groups in the chocolate industry are stable. Besides wafers, tablets and coated chocolates, the fourth product group is pralines. Praline chocolate, which is offered for sale in decorated product boxes, is generally preferred at weddings and special occasions. With its soft form, sweet taste and special preparation, praline chocolate is widely preferred. There are two types of pralines that have survived to the present day. These are the French praline, which comes from the original French culture and is made by coating the almonds, and the other is the US praline produced with a combination of walnuts and cream.

About Praline

The reason why praline is soft is because it contains a lot of oil. However, this softness complicates the storage conditions of the praline and reduces its durability. Praline should be stored in the range of 16-18 degrees. Praline’s shelf life is 1 year, and it is a type of chocolate with a very high calorie content. It is thought to go well with coffee and milk.

How is Plarline Made?

Praline is a type of chocolate that can be made at home. You can make praline chocolate using 1 pack of milk, 1 pack of dark and 1 pack of white chocolate, optionally using hazelnuts, grapes, and almonds. The point you should pay attention to is to create praline balls by using the ingredients in the recipe in equal amounts. You can then coat these balls with cocoa or cinnamon. It is recommended to use a bain-marie method to melt the chocolate. After it is melted over low heat, you can shape the mixture as you wish. You can use a spatula to clean and shape your praline chocolate from the bowl. You can enjoy your chocolate balls after resting them in the refrigerator for freezing.

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