Tiny Kayseri Lubrication
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Tiny Kayseri Lubrication


Tiny Kayseri Lubrication

Cook Time25 Minutes


  • Our ingredients for dough; Half a pack of wet yeast, 1 cup warm milk, Half a cup warm water, 1 tablespoon salt, Half a tablespoon sugar, Half a teaspoon of oil, flour as much as it takes

  • Materials for mortar; 500g mince, 1 onion, 2 green peppers, 1 spoon paste, 2 spoons butter, 1 cup hot, water, pepper, chili pepper, red powder, pepper, salt



Yeast, sugar, water, milk are mixed. Then a soft dough is obtained by adding oil, salt and flour as much as it takes. The dough is left to ferment.


Let's put oil in the pan and roast the mince. Let's add the onion, butter and pepper. When these are a little roasted, let's add tomato paste, tomatoes and hot water and wait for them to roast. Let's add our latest spices.


Let's turn our dough into small meringi and cover our merings. Let's open the dough with light flour. Once warmed up in a non-stick pan, let's cook.


Let's dip our lavash in our mortar and put mincemeat on it. We can go all the way we want, and we'll pour garlic yogurt on top. Let's ❤️ eat with pleasure

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