Tips for making brownies
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Tips for making brownies


Who can say no to a perfect brownie with its slightly cracked, crispy texture, the soft consistency of the cake inside and its fluid chocolate????? here are the tricks you need to know to make a perfect brownie????

Brownie is very sensitive about chocolate, choose a quality couverture chocolate.
Have your ingredients at room temperature. Using ingredients such as chocolate, eggs and butter directly from the refrigerator will adversely affect the flavor of the dessert.
Stick to your schedule.
Wait for it to cool after cooking.
Adjust the oven temperature to the right level to prepare the brownie with the ideal consistency and texture.
In recipes where chocolate and egg are used together, it is extremely important to mix the two ingredients carefully. When you mix the melted chocolate directly with the eggs, the heat of the chocolate causes the eggs to cook. In such a case, you will not be able to prevent the egg smell and taste in your dessert, moreover, you will get a bad consistency. While adding melted chocolate to the beaten eggs, you should stir the eggs constantly and add the chocolate little by little. Also known as tempering, this method prevents the eggs from cooking.
If you want it to stay moist, do not cook it for more than 27 minutes at 160 degrees. However, if you like a drier consistency, cook for 35-37 minutes.

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