Uncooked Oat Tartolet
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Uncooked Oat Tartolet


Uncooked Oat Tartolet

Preparation Time20 minutes


  • Outer mold materials; Oat (1 cup), Banana (I used 2 small size), Cocoa (2 tablespoons), Tahini (3-4 tablespoons), Carob extract (1-2 tablespoons/not even if it is not)

  • Filling material; Labneh, Vanillin, Honey/carob extract



Mix all the ingredients for the mold. (Obviously, I've made a decision about everything, and I describe it that way, and when the mixture comes out, we understand the consistency. Actually, it should have a consistency that can shape the mold, muffin molds, it is neither too thick nor too runny)


Then I put them in muffin molds and shaped them. I put it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes. At that time, I prepared the filling material. I left half plain and mixed the other half with a few strawberries that I passed through the rondo.


Afterwards, I filled them and let them rest in the fridge a little more and decorated them with strawberries and bananas.

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